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Muslims Against Sharia: We Support Tancredo’s Anti-Sharia Legislation…….

The Muslims Against Sharia organization (MAS) pays a visit to the Tundra Tabloids’ comment section and left the following. KGS

Muslims Against Sharia praise Congressman Tancredo’s initiative. We advocated similar measures in the past and fully support “Jihad Prevention Act”

Any person from a country where a substantial part of the population is pro-Sharia should not be allowed in the West, not only as an immigrant, but even as a visitor with a few exceptions, i.e., political asylum or as a diplomat etc. … Every legal immigrant should be allowed to stay only if he/she did not display desire to establish a Sharia state in a host country. Any naturalized citizen who displays a desire to establish a Sharia state in a host country should have his/her citizenship revoked and promptly deported. I think the latter two groups is where the real danger lies.”

Linda Ahmed, FrontPage Magazine, July 24, 2008

Anyone who proclaims Islamic extremist views should be tried for sedition, since we are at war with radical Islam, or at the very least, promptly deported.”

Khalim Massoud, FrontPage Magazine, September 9, 2008


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