French Damage Control Minister Followed Pope During Visit…….

All That is Wrong With France: French Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie, her European self hate is matched only by her slavish attitude towards Islamism and multiculturalism. The latter is the new Communism of our age, while the former is the new racism.

The Brussels Journal has a post about “France’s Decline – How Christian/Muslim Was/Is France?” Alliot-Marie took to soothing the ruffled Islamic feathers soon after the Pope’s visit, probably dropping notes behind the Pope’s back that negated his speeches.

The Brussels Journal:The Pope’s visit to France is now over, but already there are some repercussions. Benedict XVI spoke at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, delivering a discourse unanimously praised for its high intellectual level. However, Dalil Boubakeur, grand mufti of the Paris mosque, is not pleased. The reason? “The Christian roots of Europe” so often evoked by Benedict XVI. “The Muslim culture was sufficiently present in France during the Middle Ages. You cannot exclude the contribution of the Muslim civilization to French society,” Boubakeur told Le Parisien. At the website Islamisation, Joachim Véliocas refutes Boubakeur’s comments:

Yes it’s well-known, in the Middle Ages, the inns served halal meat, French women wore veils, and the peasants stopped 5 times a day to pray on a rug…

Here is what Benedict said about the Christian roots of Europe as quoted by Le Salon Beige:

The roots of France – like those of Europe – are Christian […] Nations must never allow what constitutes their own identity to disappear […] and they must take pains to preserve and develop their own culture, without ever allowing it to be absorbed by others […] Making evident the Christian roots of France will allow all the inhabitants of this country to better understand where they come from and where they are going.

Catholic writer Bernard Antony writes at his blog that it did not escape notice to those attentive that the Pope in his speech at the Collège des Bernardins showed human sympathy for the Muslims, but that he also told them, as at Regensburg, how no text, hence no Koran, ought to be definitively closed to all reflection of the intelligence in the freedom that God has given us.

French Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie accompanied the Pope on most of his visit to France. She must have built up an appetite, since Tuesday evening she broke the Ramadan fast in a mosque in the Parisian suburb of Evry-Courcouronnes and praised Islam and its contribution to France. To do this after being at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, where the Pope delivered his impressive speech, bespeaks her total indifference to the gulf between Islam and Christianity. Like her boss, President Sarkozy, Mrs Michèle Alliot-Marie believes all religions are equal.

Le Figaro

reports that she declared that Islam must “take its full place in the French institutional landscape.” “The French Council of the Muslim Religion (CFCM) has definitively inscribed its religion in the heart of the religious freedom of our country,” affirmed Alliot-Marie, who told the Muslims she came “as a friend, and as minister in charge of religions.” She affirmed her “support and her determination to act”, on issues such as the organization of the pilgrimage to Mecca, the feast of the sacrifice – Eïd-el-Kebir, religious supervision of the halal network, the training of ministers of the Muslim faith into the values of the French Republic, the development of penitentiary and hospital charities, and the implantation of special Muslim sections in cemeteries.”

A speech French Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie gave to the French-American Foundation back in 2006, “The challenges of the 21st century: A clash of interests or a clash of civilisations?” reveals that she couldn’t be more removed from the thinking of the visiting Pope.

“Alliot-Marie: “In 2006, colonization is only a memory. The Westerners no longer have the monopoly of values. The Asians, the Arabs, the Persians, the Latin Americans, the Africans also claim to have concepts and ways of living of their own. Economic development makes new demographic, economic and cultural poles emerge.” […]

“In fact, there are no clashes between civilizations. There are clashes between countries having different economic and social interests. There are also clashes within civilizations, between those who advocate opening up to others and those who advocate turning in on their own values.”

You see, all culture is on the same playing field, and must be respected regardless of the differences. That is the talk of a multiculturalist, pure and simple. And don’t dare speak of a superior culture, all the dark portions of your European history will be thrown at your face and you’ll be called “a racist” for your troubles.

Only Europeans are supposed to keep mum about the pride of their culture, that is if they have any left after being brainwashed by our MC elites. For the multiculturalists, it’s only after we Europeans disinvest ourselves from our rich cultural past, that we atone for our past sins, something of which, that has become exclusively all our own.

It’s reminiscent of classic anti-Semitism, in which all negative attributes that are commonly shared by the rest of the human race, are deemed traits exclusive to Jews only. Now it’s the evil Europeans, who simply want to hang onto their own cultural identity who are now deemed “unfit” for the all “evil traits” that they exclusively own. That damned imperialism and colonialism!

In “Europeanophobia”, the indigenous population are invited to publicly confess their sins and disavow their affection for their own culture and history before the baying MC/PC mob, and then all will be forgiven. To not submit to their demands means that one could possibly face purification by the MC elite, in other words, you’ll be branded as …a “racist”.

How many meters of entrails will suffice them will vary from crowd to crowd, but how they want their piece of flesh! KGS

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