Diana West: 9/11 a Natural Disaster or a Cataclysmic Jihadist Atrocity……?

Judging by the words used by US leaders to describe the atrocity that took place on 9/11 by Islamic jihadis, you would believe that the Twin Towers were brought down by a hurricane or massive earth quake, not by 19 pious Muslims, who hijacked four planes and drove three of them into the WTC and Pentagon buildings and another being forced down into an empty field through courage of a valiant group of pasengers who fought the Islamic terrorists and won.
It’s Islam baby, it’s at the core of what the West is fighting against. Drop all the candy coated messages of Islam being hijacked, it was the believers in pure Islam that hijacked those four planes on 9/11, and it is Islam today that continues to pressure the West for more accomodation at the expence of its seperation of religion and state, and its democratic liberal values.
Are there peaceful Muslims?
Absolutely yes. But they need to take the front row of the movement that demands a repudiation of every single violent dictate by their religion’s prophet, and demand a complete overhaul of their holy books. Right now, the most vocal Muslim voices in leadership roles around the world, are doing the exact opposite.
Is there a peaceful Islam?
Absolutely not, at least not yet. Not until the just mentioned is taken to heart in a meanginful way by the overwhelming majority in the Muslim world, can there be any mentioning of “religion of peace” and Islam in the same sentence.
Diana West: “A high school sophomore asked me this week whether Sept. 11 would always be remembered. Would it always be, as she put it, “somber”?
Lacking a crystal ball, I have no answer. And, frankly, looking back seven years to that cataclysmic jihadist atrocity, I realize I’m probably not the most dependable prognosticator because never would I have imagined back in 2001 how successful that heinous strike would be in utterly changing us and our world.
Blame ignorance, blame cowardice: The strangest effect of 9/11 has been, on balance, an accelerated campaign of accommodation of Islam’s law in the West, a campaign boosted across the globe by the jihadist attacks of 3/11 (Madrid 2004) and 7/7 (London 2005) and many, many others. Paradoxically, such fast-track accommodation has occurred even as any and all connection between jihadist acts and Islam — specifically Islamic war doctrine — have been emphatically ruled out by our leaders, both civilian and military. It’s not that they have disproven the connection. Worse, they have chosen to ignore it.
With this in mind, it becomes possible to understand how President Bush could this week vaguely invoke the spirit of 9/11, as it were, to spur Americans to “volunteer” more. Similar statements came out of the presidential campaigns with Barack Obama also talking up the “spirit of service,” while he and John McCain jointly called on Americans to “renew” the unity of 9/11 (while honoring the dead, and grieving with those who lost loved ones). It’s not that we shouldn’t do such things — but to what end? I mean, was 9/11 a catastrophic hurricane, or a jihadist act of war?
Meanwhile, the undermining reach of Islamic law stretches across American society, from the hilltop farm in rural Vermont, where goats are now raised to be slaughtered according to Islamic law, to Wall Street, where once-mighty financial institutions, some of them having become trinkets of Islamic potentates, now adapt themselves to Sharia banking practices, to Washington, D.C., where stately government buildings have been ringed in quasi-medieval, high tech anti-jihad defenses. It may be politically incorrect to notice this expansion of Islamic influence in the West, but it is also extremely difficult not to notice it. Then again, perhaps due to a 9/11 numbing effect, too few of us do.”

Here is a video of people forced to jump to their deaths because of the intense heat of the buring WTC building they were in. This is the reason why the TT is outraged not only at Islam, but also at the Islamic leadership, who feign “moderation” but refuse to be critical of their own religion and fellow religionists -who promote the same ideology that murdered 3000 people on 9/11, as well as non-Muslim stooges who help to tie up the West with the rope, knot and noose of Islam and its political agenda. The latter are nothing more than modern day Quislings.

If you have a weak stomach, don’t watch the video, but if you want to maintain your more-than-justified level of outrage and an informed perspective, watch it, remember it, and never submit to the PC brain washing of our cowardly political elite. KGS

Thanks to Debbie Schlussel for posting the name of an excellent website “Bare Naked Islam” that’s devoted to the preserving the memory of those people who were brutally butchered on 9/11 in the name of Islam.

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