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The UK’s Sharia Gold Card Sham…….

The Tundra Tabloids just recently posted about the Sharia Gold Card, ticking off a few reasons why it’s a terribly bad idea for Britain and elsewhere in the world to get involved with it.
Not only does the money donated by the company (10%) to “charities” entail the risk that it will flow to Islamists as well as terrorism, it also encourages the West to be more compliant to the implementation of the rest of Sharia as well. Frog in the pot on slow boil, as I see it. But here is another reason why the West and Muslims themselves should avoid the whole deal, it’s a BIG RIP OFF.
A TT commentator, The Doctor, explains why:
KGS , I have just been onto their site , this is a rip-off of gigantic proportions . Cost to run is nearly £70 plus £2 per transaction , a bank debit card is much cheaper . So I would recommend all Muslims to purchase one , sure as heck someone is going to make a fortune.”
There is good reason to shun the whole deal, it’s bad fiscally for the consumer, it’s a potential fund raiser for terrorism, as well as warming up the West for more more sharia guided schemes. For you see, the Islamists want to set up parallel societies within non-Muslim states and they use any hair brained scheme to impose their Islamic will on our societies. No thank you.

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