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The UK: Sharia Goes Gold……!

The UK banking system is screwing itself, and us, with such schemes, because it’s helps to feed the jihadis waging war against the West, as well emblodening their supporters to increase their demands in the Western states where they live.

Europe News:The UK’s first Sharia- compliant prepaid MasterCard was launched yesterday
Cordoba Gold MasterCard does not charge or receive interest as that would conflict with Sharia law. The company donates at least 10% of its profits to registered charities.

A company spokesman said: “Because this is a prepaid card, the customer pays no interest on their balance. The difference with this card is that Cordoba Financial Group does not earn any interest on the balance.

“Normally when someone puts money on a prepaid card the company that issues the card will earn interest on the balance until the person spends it. This is not the case with Cordoba, as you can neither earn nor pay interest under Sharia law.”

The Cordoba Gold card is available to UK residents aged 18 and over.

As well as providing Muslims with greater choice when dealing with personal finances, the company hopes other sections of the community may wish to use the service.

A spokesman for the Scottish Islamic Foundation said: “Islam takes the issue of giving and receiving interest very seriously so this will be of interest to many. Because of the ethical nature of Islamic finance, we’ve (…)

Completely insane. KGS

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  1. KGS , I have just been onto their site , this is a rip-off of gigantic proportions . Cost to run is nearly £70 plus £2 per transaction , a bank debit card is much cheaper . So I would recommend all Muslims to purchase one , sure as heck someone is going to make a fortune .

  2. Not sure I should be your patient as you must be in the private ,medicine side that makes an aspirin cost £100. Have checked out the site to and its no more than the expensive than the bank charges and normal credit card charges – what is different is taht you can calculate up front. Not sure where the £2 per transaction fee comes from either because if you pay the monthly there is no transaction fee but a fee should you use an ATM. This is more like transaparency – allowing us to see into what the future costs are and decide for your self eg £9.95 plus £1 per transaction if you do not use it more tahn a couple of times a month

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