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Robert Zubrin: Flex Fuel Crucial in Winning The War on Islam-O-Fascism…….

Hey, I have said it before and I’ll say it again, offering the consumer a choice at the gas pumps is not only a sound free market based proposal…it’s damned smart. Thanks to TINSC for having originally opened my eyes to FLEX FUEL and the wallup it’ll punch in the pocket book of the Saudi led oil cartel/monopoly.

TINSC gave yous truly the heads up on a video from late November of last year, in which Robert Zubrin gave an excellent talk on the upside of having FLEX FUEL capability on the nation wide fuel grid. Make no mistake, this is not just a US project, it needs to be adapted here in Europe on the same wide scale as in Brazil.

Here is the link to the vid, and to Zubrin’s website. Think wise people, if you live in the states, get a hold of your government rep, if you live in Europe, get a hold of your local MP and MEP for the EU. It’s time to break the Saudi hold on our fuel supplies, and deny them the funding that they use to wage their jihad against us.


NOTE: Here is a FrontPageMag symposium “Energy Independence and the Terror War“, in which Zubrin is included in the discussion panel. Read up people and start to make some noise. Just think about it, we can all by our little selves have a direct input in fighting the war against Islam-O-Fascism, if we just educate ourselves a bit and contact our elected officials.

Winning the war on Islam-O-Fascism can be a reality within THREE YEARS! Think about it!

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  1. This is crucial to retaining – or even restoring – our independence.

    May I also recommend promoting one more way forward, that of Electrostatic fusion? It is safe, cheap and does not produce that nasty highly radioactive waste that conventional nuclear energy does.

    There is a very instructive video, Should Google go Nuclear?, which describes the processes and the engineering in detail. Sparring with a friend who studied physics at the university, I’ve checked the nuclear processes described in the video, and they are solid.

    Please promote. It’ll be good for us all.

  2. FYI, Zubrin discusses fusion in his book ENERGY VICTORY.

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