Tossed Out of The Kingdom of Saud…….

There were many who placed their faith in the interfaith conference held in Madrid last month, but as expected, the warm and fuzzy (we are the world) feeling from the conference, …has faded.

WND: “More than a dozen Christians in Saudi Arabia who were accused by government officials of worshipping in their homes have been ordered deported.

According to a report from International Christian Concern, the Christians will be expelled tomorrow for their part in a home worship service in Taif in April.
The deportation conflicts with the message stated just weeks earlier by Saudi King Abdullah, who called for interfaith dialogue and held a summit in Spain with a representatives from several major religions.

“Deporting Christians for worshipping in their private homes shows that King Abdullah’s speech is mere rhetoric and his country is deceiving the international community about their desire for change and reconciliation,” said Jeff King, the president of ICC.”

Of course the Saudis are behaving like this, there could be no other way, as the custodians of Islam, they personify the religion that they are safe guarding. Intolerance of “the other” is the watchword of that faith, and as it’s custodians, the Saudis are showing the rest of the Islamic world the “only logical response”. KGS

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