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TT Back to Posting: About Palestinian Attack That Kills Israelis With Bulldozer…….

It’s a shame to have to come back from such a peaceful place in the middle of the Finnish countryside, and post about a terrorist attack on Israeli civilians in a city street by a Palestinian driving a bulldozer.

Who could ever think that such a heinous act was even possible?

Anyone following the Middle East knows that Islamic terrorists have been showing the world for some time now, that there is no depraved act beyond their capability. Anything they can think of, no matter how diabolical, is on the planning table as long as it has the ability to shock with a high number of casualties.

A couple of days ago while the TT was enjoying sun and surf, a Palestinian terrorist -already convicted of rape and assault- plowed his earth moving machine into buses and cars of hapless motorists on the streets of Jerusalem. One woman barely saved her daughter from sharing her own fate of being crushed by the bulldozer, as she managed to toss the infant from the car.

DEBKA: In a rampage along Jerusalem’s crowded Jaffa Street thoroughfare, a bulldozer driven by a terrorist hoisted and overturned a packed 13 bus, while extending its shovel and plowing into several vehicles and pedestrians.They clambered onto the careering vehicle and, while the policeman wrestled the terrorist to remove his foot from the gas pedal, the soldier shot him in the head. They stopped the carnage 200 meters short of Jerusalem’s big open air market and so averted a potential massacre.

The terrorist was 30-year old Hosam Dwayyat, father of two, a Palestinian from Tsur Bachar, one of the Arab villages of Jerusalem, who served a two-year sentence for rape and assault. He was employed in one of the road works underway to prepare the thoroughfare for a light railway line.

The attack was claimed by a Hizballah-sponsored terrorist group called the Galilee Liberation Brigades. Hamas denied responsibility for the attack while justifying it. The killer was able to move around freely and work in Jerusalem on a resident’s ID. Another Jerusalem Palestinian carried out the last deadly attack in the capital, killing 8 students and injuring 9 in a shooting spree at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva on March 7.

Turning Plowshares Into Swords

by Naomi Ragen

It was – and is – family against family.

To live in Jerusalem is to face the fact that here, in the holiest city in the world, there are vast numbers of inhabitants who are the kind of human beings willing, able and committed to perform acts of sickening bloodshed, breaking every rule that human beings have created for themselves or learned or been taught. Worse, they involve G-d in their offenses, desecrating His name and His city in their maniacal search for the ultimate act of barbarism to promote their religion/ politics/personal agenda.

Take Mr. Duwait, a convicted rapist and felon who sat in jail for two years, a resident of the eastern Jerusalem Arab village Sur Baher, a relative of the terrorist who killed young yeshiva students in Mercaz Harav. He climbed into a huge tractor and, with astonishing barbarism, plowed down a major Jerusalem thoroughfare, sowing unimaginable destruction. As journalist Tom Gross put it: “Terrorists purposely target civilians, and this terrorist was no different. He chose his victims carefully, starting his attack by motioning with his hand for a woman motorist to drive before him. Then he rammed her car with the bulldozer’s shovel.

“He then used the bulldozer to plow into two public buses carrying passengers, including many women and children which he could clearly see through the buses’ large glass windows. One of the buses was completely overturned, the other crashed. He then crushed a number of cars with their drivers still in them, and targeted several pedestrians chasing them down and running them over. A half-dozen cars were flattened and others were overturned by his Caterpillar vehicle as panic spread throughout the center of Israel’s capital. Traffic was halted, and hundreds of people fled through the streets as medics treated the wounded.

“One car was dragged several meters by the bulldozer. A baby was pulled out by a passerby before the vehicle was crushed, with the child’s mother still inside. She died. “By the time his rampage was over, three Israeli civilians were dead and over 66 were wounded. Broken glass and blood were left down a stretch of one of Israel’s busiest streets

“All the time, the terrorist screamed Allah Akbar (‘God is great’ in Arabic) as he did so. “The terrorist was shot dead by a security guard working for a nearby bank as he approached Jerusalem’s main working class food market, Mahane Yehuda.” (And by a young soldier, the brother-in-law of the soldier who took out the Mercaz Harav terrorist. Imagine the woman with such a husband and such a brother!) Bathsheva Unterman, the 33-year-old kindergarten teacher who unstrapped her baby and handed her to a passerby through the car window before being crushed, had been through many treatments and waited many years for her daughter to be born. Her baby was unharmed. Not so the baby in the overturned bus, who remains in critical condition.

Duwait’s family has not expressed sorrow for the victims. But what they do want to know is why it was necessary to have killed Duwait. That way, I suppose they’d be waiting for another Israel soldier to be kidnapped and murdered to set their darling free.

What is the moral of this story? As Rabbi David Booth said: “It was a case of someone turning a plowshare into a sword.” The killing here yesterday was no random act. It was deliberate and personal. It was – and is – family against family. On one side, there are their families that raise their sons to be mass murderers and child killers, instilling in them a hate-filled culture and a religion with no respect for human life, encouraging them to kill and be killed. And then there is our family, which raises our sons to risk their lives to save the lives of others, instilling in them a culture and religion filled with the true love of G-d and mankind and life. Our family will triumph over their family. Our sons over their sons. And when they sit in their tents of mourning, keening over their dead, perhaps they might reflect on how it is they have raised sons who must be hunted down and killed like mad dogs. Perhaps, if that happens, they will need to mourn no more.

This is the legacy of Yasser Arafat and his Fattah, as well as Hamas and Hezbollah and every other assorted al-Qaida affiliate that wants to spread jihad throughout the world until everyone bows towards Mecca. The death cult mentality is part and parcel of the Islamic religion, in which the jihad against the non-Muslim can include just about any measure available, no matter how diabolical and how vicious the means. It’s what they do best.

The parents of the terrorist offer no condolences for horrors their son has wrought, no simple words of an apology or sorrow expressed at the suffering he caused. They just want to know why it was necessary to kill him. In other words, they could care less, because they belong to a class of people who have long left their once commonly shared humanity and civility, upon the ash heap of barbarity. These people (the Palestinians) do not earn our caring, kindness or forgiveness, but our scorn and rage.

Here is what Tundraman had to say about the typical reporting by the Finnish news media. And for the record, I, KGS, had the radio with me at the summer cottage, and not once did the news reports mention anything about the monstrous tragedy that took place on Jaffa street in Jerusalem.

Tundraman: And What did the Finnish media do?

Nothing, except to belittle the event. Considering that the role of the international community is pivotal in voicing “(a) clear and unequivocal condemnation of terrorism”, it can be noted that there was NOT ONE SINGLE WORD on the terrorist act in Jerusalem in YLE:s main news on Wednesday night at 8.30 pm and only a VERY brief note in HS Thursday morning (no mentioning of terrorism, of course).

On Thursday, the story in HBL was a little longer but although it said that “one woman was killed” there was nothing on either infant. In addition, all measures possible were taken to depict the perpetrator as an isolated criminal and to whitewash the Palestinians or any fraction of them as a group.

Just a cursory look at the Helsingin Sanomat, the headline to the story on Thursday read: “Kolme kuoli traktori-iskussa Jerusalemissa / Three die in tractor attack in Jerusalem

Once again the HS chooses to limit the impact on the Palestinians concerning their institutionalized death cult industry, and soft pedal it as much as possible. It’s digusting to witness, but we are used to it here in Finland, where the media makes no effort to hide their pro-Palestinian bias. *L* KGS


NOTE: Deepest condolonces to every Israeli and friend of Israel that reads these pages.

UPDATE: The ever pragmatic Hamas and Islamic Jihad deemed the attack as “logical”. They would wouldn’t they? Horrendus atrocities are the norm for genocidal maniacs in the WB and Gaza. ANSA.

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