Poll: Irish Voters Reject Another Referendum on EU Constitution…….

The Tundra Tabloids couldn’t be more happy about the results of a new poll taken about the Irish attitude towards the EU’s constitution (read = power grab).
The Irish people have rejected the revived EU Constitution. But EU leaders are continuing ratification of the Lisbon Treaty regardless, in an attempt to isolate and bully the Irish.
Open Europe has released Treaty. The poll also shows that many more people would vote No than in the first vote on the Treaty. To read the press release a new poll showing that almost three quarters of Irish voters are opposed to the idea of a second referendum on the EU’s Lisbon, click here.
There might be hope for Europe after all, the first step was to torpedo its federalist aims (thank you Ireland), the second step is to halt all other similar measures by the EU elites who just refuse to take no for an answer. The EU’s mandarin statists will not take this lying down, so it’s up to all of us who care about the future of Europe to stay one step ahead of these bureaucrats.
If you don’t want Europe to become the EUSSR, and its citizens colonized by immigrants from the Muslim south, you better hope that the spirit of the “fighting Irish” becomes the norm throughout the European Union. *L* KGS

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