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Ireland Set to Give More Snakes The Boot ……?

Could it be true? No matter what issues the Irish use to scuttle the (already once defeated) EU constitution, or should I say…the Lisbon Treaty, the fact that it’s defeated is all that matters.

Spiegel Online: With two weeks to go until the Lisbon Treaty referendum, Irish voters are slowly making their minds up on how to vote. Worryingly for Brussels it is the ‘No’ campaign that is steadily gaining support, as it plays on fears relating to neutrality, taxation and abortion.


The future of the European Union now hangs on how the voters in this small country on the far western edge of Europe vote on June 12. And with less than two weeks to go to polling day, the referendum debate has been hijacked by issues that have little to do with the Lisbon Treaty. While many have accused the campaign against the treaty of being aggressive, populist and misleading, the reality is that it has also been pretty successful.

The Tundra Tabloids hope that the “No” vote is successful, and that any EU momentum for a super state is quashed once and for all. But hey, given to the dark machinations of the Brussels elite, they’ll be at it again with another package deal, but this time around, it’ll try to by-pass “the stubborn states”, thus leaving them on the outside until they finally… “ratify”, which is diplo speak for “getting their minds right”.

Coming on the heels of the referendum vote in Ireland, is another “gob stopping” news item. Ali Selim, a theologian and secretary to Imam Hussein Halawa of the ICCI, states in a seminar that was held at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, that:

EuropeNews: “THERE IS an “urgent need” for sharia-compliant financial services to be made available in Ireland so that Muslims living here do not contravene religious teachings, representatives from Irish financial institutions were told at a seminar on Islamic banking yesterday.” […]

“We organised this conference because there is an urgent need for the Muslim community here to have mortgages and other financial services that do not drive them to break their Islamic teachings.”


There is absolutely no need for Sharia Compliant Finance, the Islamists are just trying to mainstream sharia law in western jurisprudence, and in banking-financial circles. Such efforts must be countered in every possible way. Sharia, in all of its forms, has no place in western society, and you can take that to the bank. *L* KGS

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