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Iran Mistakes EU’s Groveling as ‘Threat’…….

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You have to hand it the Iranians, they sure know how spin EU bed wetting, and turn it into a ‘provocation’. How dare the Europeans, what were they thinking! Sheer lunacy on the Euro-weenies’ part, when will they ever learn?
TEHRANIran’s hard line press on Sunday expressed suspicion over a nuclear offer presented by EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, with one newspaper saying he was threatening the country. “There is irrefutable evidence that there is another version of his visit… that Javier Solana was not here to negotiate but on a mission to threaten Iran,” the hardline Kayhan newspaper said.
It said the aim of his visit was “to force Iran to given in to the illegal Western demands and to force Iranian officials to give in to the American and Western allies’ blackmail.” The Kayhan editorial was written by the paper’s director Hossein Shariatmadari who is appointed by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Solana on Saturday presented Iran with a new proposal drafted by six world powers which offers talks on a range of technological and economic incentives if it suspends sensitive uranium enrichment activities. “The 5+1 package is once again an empty one,” said a front page headline on Kayhan.”
Every time the EU comes around with their olive branches and aid packages, the Iranians, like the N.Koreans, only become more emboldened to continue their present course. I mean, why in the world should the Iranians be afraid of a man who is viewed as wetting his pants in public? *L* KGS

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