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Danish Embassy in Pakistan Targeted in Bomb Blast, Scores Dead……!

The Tundra Tabloids has learned by way of Rolf K, that the Danish Embassy in Pakistan was targeted in a terrorist attack earier today.

JP: Fatalities reported after a bomb explodes outside the Danish embassy in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad There are at least eight dead and four wounded after an explosion outside Denmark’s embassy in Pakistan, reports Danish television news TV2, citing local sources.The explosion caused extensive damage to the embassy building and nearby cars. Large back clouds of smoke could be seen high above Islamabad.

The TT will be reporting more on the attack as more detailed news flows in. *L* KGS

UPDATE: Breitbart reports that: Eight people died in a suicide bomb attack targeting the Danish Embassy in Pakistan in a posh residential area of Islamabad early Monday, police and witnesses said. “It was apparently a suicide attack,” a senior police official told reporters at the site of the bomb blast where a nearly 1-meter deep crater was created by the blast.

According to the witnesses, a car filled with explosives was rammed into the house adjacent to the embassy, causing damage to that building and the embassy next door. At least 30 cars in the parking lot at the embassy were severely damaged. Officials at the Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital and Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences said they have received eight bodies in their mortuaries

An earlier report that a Brazilian woman was killed in the attack was retracted. She was wounded, officials said. The explosion took place around 1:15 a.m. Several buildings in the vicinity, including the residence of the Indian high commissioner, were also damaged.

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