Palestinian Attack Elicits Israeli Response…….

A Palestinian was shot dead while lobbing fire bombs (molotov cocktails) at Israeli troops in the village of Tubas in the WB.

“Ayman Abdel Razek, a resident of the village, said troops shot the 17-year-old after midnight Sunday. He said village youths often throw stones at army patrols at around that time but that the youth was unarmed.”

The 17-year-old Palestinian male had already managed to lob two fire bombs at the soldiers before he was hit by Israeli fire. But for the sake of argument, the Tundra Tabloids is willing to concede the point that it’s highly possible that the Molotov cocktail thrower did in deed have an empty hand at the time he shot. More here. *L* KGS

NOTE: The IDF soldiers tried to save the life of the person trying to end theirs.

“The Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service said the soldiers tried to resuscitate the youth but failed, and then turned his body over to Palestinian authorities.”

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