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Yesterday the Tundra Tabloids blogged on French President Nicolas Sarkozy statments before the Israeli Knesset (parliament), in which he basically threw the Jewish state under the bus for the sake of the all elusive Palestinian state. Our political elites here in Europe and in the US have all but convinced themselves that a Palestinian state is what stands between them and world peace, so they throw caution and common sense to the wind and do their utmost best to usher in yet another backward Arab Muslim state.

Never mind the fact that such a state envisioned is everything they wouldn’t want for themselves, but hey, (they say) these Arabs could care less.. right? So it’s the Tundra Tabloids position that those who support the creation of Palestinian state before they have built the solid foundations needed for a democratic and moral society….should be forced to live in it.

Anyways, back to the reason for this post. Madgeburger Joe recently paid a visit to the TT, and left a comment. So the TT paid a visit to MBJ’s blog to do likewise, and came across an excellent post that I just had to quote it here. It concerns Sarkozy’s foolishness within the Knesset. You can read more what Madgeburger Joe has to say here. *L* KGS

Madgeburger Joe: It was with sadness that I read your pitiful speech to the Israeli Knesset. In your speech you , the President of the French, the Alsatians, the Corsicans, the Basques, the Bretons and the Catalonians advocated the division of Jerusalem between Arabs and Jews as a partitioned capitol of a so called Palestinian state. You further advocated the surrender of Judaea and Samaria. You spoke in the soothing tones of a train conductor at Gare du Nord in Vichy France telling the Jews to get on the train. It was so comforting.I don’t really blame you. Like so many other European heads of state, you were elected under a parliamentary system, under which you shed your political positions like so many garments in front of an audience that tosses you votes like tarnished one Euro pieces. Twelve percent of your population is Arab, and they wait patiently for their majority to reach critical mass. You all solved your Jewish problem back in the 40’s. We were so pushy, so controlling. I hear that our cousins are much easier to get along with. Granted they may burn a few cars when they get miffed. They may redistribute personal wealth in a very shall we say ad hoc way, but at least they don’t control all the banks.

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