Sarkozy Throws Israel Under The Bus…….

Sarkozy: Lets divide Jerusalem! Let’s give the Palestinians a state even though they reject ending the conflict and recognizing Israel!

“There can be no peace without recognising Jerusalem as the capital of two states and the guarantee of freedom of access to the holy places for all religions,”

But hold on a minute Sarko, Jerusalem has never been a capital for the Arabs, but has always been the capital city of ancient Israel…and present day Israel. Freedom of religion and access to holy places for all the faiths have been gauranteed since Israel’s very beginning.

So what it all this talk about dividing this and dividing that, especially since the Arabs have shown absolutely no signs whatsoever of discontinuing the conflict?

They (the Arabs) have yet to feel that it’s not in their best interests to end the fighting, and any such talk of rewarding them with a state of their own, before their society is de-Nazified from their religious supremacism and hate cult, will end in misery for all. More here. *L* KGS

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