EU Lisbon Treaty

Signs of Euro-Lisbon Treaty Defeat Already Showing…….

Excellent! The Euro-Weenies are already starting to wail over the early results of the Irish vote on the treaty.

CNN: Politicians from the government and major opposition parties — all of whom campaigned for the treaty’s ratification — appeared uniformly grim-faced Friday as counting progressed in 43 constituencies nationwide.

“I do not see how we’re going to claw back our position based on the numbers I’m seeing. It’s going pretty much all the way of the `no’ camp,” said Pat Rabbitte, former leader of the opposition Labour Party.

And anti-EU activists expressed growing confidence they would triumph when official results are declared Friday afternoon.

People felt a convincing case for the treaty had not been made, and they felt hectored and bullied into supporting it while the wool was being pulled over their eyes,” said Richard Boyd Barrett, leader of a hard-left pressure group called People Before Profit.

No official results were available. However, Ireland’s legions of “tallymen” — seasoned political activists who observe the ballot counting and provide reports to their own parties and pressure groups — said the “no” camp appeared well in the lead in rural and urban working-class areas.

Tallymen and other observers said the pro-treaty vote appeared to be holding up only in Dublin’s more middle-class districts. But even there, they said, the “yes” votes were barely running neck and neck with the “nos.”

Heh heh heh……excellent. *L* KGS

Dublin – Ireland had already moved into “post-mortem” phase by midday Friday as unofficial tallies, known for their accuracy, showed that the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty was in for a thrashing in the referendum. Leader of the Libertas group, which spearheaded the no campaign, Declan Ganley said that it was “a great and proud day to be Irish.”
UPDATE: Al-AP: Irish minister: EU treaty vote appears ‘no’
DUBLIN, IrelandIrish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern says substantial referendum returns show that Ireland has rejected the European Union reform treaty. Electoral officials expect to confirm the result later Friday. Ahern based his conclusion on tallies of votes produced nationally by election observers as well as early official returns. They show the “no” camp ahead in the vast majority of Ireland’s 43 electoral constituencies, while pro-treaty voters were clearly ahead in only a few.
But just you wait and see, the elitist EU jackal-crats will try to subvert the very rules they voted that guide the whole integration process. By hook or by crook they will!

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