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Palestinians Launch Rocket ‘Peace’ Barrage Against Israel…….

What other state in existence would deem a rocket barrage as something not worth derailing ongoing negotiations? Sorry, but what exactly is the sense in trusting an genocidal entity in the first place, that even as it speaks of a truce, it ramps up the bombardment of the other?

J’lem Post: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s spokesman, Mark Regev, said Thursday’s attacks “show the current situation is both unstable and not sustainable, and that there has to be a solution.” Regev said that the fact Hamas fired dozens of mortars the day after Israel declared it wanted to give the Egyptian cease-fire track an additional chance “shows who we are up against. This shows who Hamas is. They are committed to violence, not dialogue.”

Please remember that at the height of the Palestinians’ whining for the international community to exert “more pressure on Israel” to stop its blockade of Gaza, the Arab have launched over 2400 rockets of all types at Israeli population centers in the past six months alone. The Israeli PM’s spokesman Mark Regev states that: “Hamas is committed to violence, not dialogue”… think?

What will it take to finally put an end to the barrages from Gaza? Any truce ( or ‘hudna’) with the Arabs can only last up to 10 years, its not designed to be a permanent settlement, so the Israelis are just forestalling the inevitable. They will have to take care of that nest of vipers some time down the road, it’s just that the international community keeps offering that nest its protection time and again.

Rest assured, if it Finland was repeatedly being bombarded by terrorists from the autonomous island archipelago of Åland, the Finns would have “taken care of the problem” ages ago. The IC is in part, responsible for the situation, in that Israel has to always look over its shoulder while it tries a limited operation to stop gap a serious problem. Any incursion in the area has to be a limited, because the the IC will be soon clamoring for an end to any military operation before it has even gotten underway.

It’s one of the reasons why the conflict hasn’t ended, but that’s the way the international community likes it, because they still cling to the nonsensical myth that the Arabs are just interested in negotiating borders with the Jewish state. So the bombs keep falling. *L* KGS

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