Finnish YLE News: Gaza Explosion at Terrorist’s House ‘an Accident’…….

How about the media choosing a proper headline for a change? The Tundra Tabloids lends the Finnish media the following headline:

Palestinian terrorist bomb maker’s explosion kills young girl“.
By all means dear ‘gate keepers’ of the Finnish press, feel free to use the TT’s example as a template for all of your articles. Really!

“The IDF said the blast was not caused by an Israeli attack but was rather a “work accident,” most likely caused by terrorists’ faulty handling of explosives. Rockets began to fly shortly after the blast, with more than 50 mortar shells, Kassam and Katyusha rockets fired into Israel.If only the Palestinian terrorists had more ‘accidents’ like this one, minus civilians of course. For YLE’s nonsense click here. *L* KGS

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