Dutch MP Geert Wilders Speaks to The Danish Free Press Society…….

Geert Wilders tells it like it is. In this day and age where we see bloggers -of moral fortitude and fiber..and otherwise- being hauled before the courts for the high crime of “offending others”, we have the rare opportunity to observe a politician daring to speak the truth openly.

It almost makes you want to pinch yourself to see whether you are really awake or while listening to the words of a person like, Geert Wilders or Wafa Sultan, Robert Spencer or David Horowitz, as well as Irshad Manji or Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Fortunately for us, there are those who dare to speak openly what others foolishly deny in public, that today’s Islam differs very little to the version practiced centuries ago during the heyday of Islamic imperialism and hegemony.

Regardless of whether or not most people adhere to the purest form of Islam, as long as Islam itself remains unreformed, the danger exists that one day, even the most docile of believers in the prophet of Islam, can become as hostile as they were in the deserts of the Saudi Arabian peninsula during the time of Mohamed. While there are indeed peaceful Muslims, there is not however, any such thing as a peaceful Islam. At least not yet. *L* KGS

Via Atlas Shrugs. Pam says: Here’s the whole 40 minute speech

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