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The Spin Zone: Finnish Media Says Bush Apologizes to Iraqi PM Over Qur’an Defacement…….

But wait, Bush didn’t apologize. The media, foreign and domestic, are once again reading for too much into a statement for reasons unknown. But that is nothing new for the media, right? Here is what Bush’s spokesman reported of the meeting between Bush and Maliki:

“White House press secretary Dana Perino said Bush spoke to al-Maliki about the Quran shooting incident during a regularly scheduled videoconference on Monday. She said Bush expressed his “serious concern.” He told the prime minister that we take this matter seriously, and he noted that the soldier had been reprimanded and removed from Iraq by his commanders.”
Expressing “serious concern” is one thing, apologizing for something is entirely another matter altogether.
And as the Tundra Tabloids expressed earlier, the lengths to which the US military commanders went in their own apologies, went way beyond the call of duty. Kissing the Qur’an as well as holding a special apology ceremony was downright foolish.
Just how many times the Maj-Gen. kissed it is a matter of speculation. Question is, did he kiss it passionately enough to satisfy the Muslim ire? *L* KGS

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