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Sigmund, Carl and Alfred: Charles Johnson & PJM Unfair to Gates of Vienna…….

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred write a very fair analysis of the recent jettisoning of the Gates of Vienna blog from Pajamas Media.

Most recently, Little Green Footballs and Pajamas Media have seen fit to exorcise the bloggers at Gates of Vienna, ostensibly because of what has been portrayed as a ‘disagreement.’


Gates of Vienna is a different kind of blog. The authors offer up their own ideas and they provide a platform for others to express themselves. Their focus is primarily on Europe and European politics, culture and society. Their writing is a thoughtful and cogent presentation of their beliefs. Their guest bloggers tend to be European as well. Their politics are not hard to discern. Certainly, this author doesn’t always agree with the ideas presented by the authors of GOV or their guest posters, but so what? Ideas are meant to provoke thought, not necessarily agreement.

LGF, Pajamas Media and the Gates of Vienna are on the same side of the political aisle. They differentiate as to degree. Thus, it was very disappointing to see GOV tossed overboard by LGF and Pajamas Media. That those bloggers took umbrage with the ideas at GOV does not concern me. That they dispensed with the authors of GOV is troubling.

I wonder if the “Lidless Eye” will notice Siggy’s apostasy. More here,*L* KGS

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