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SHOCKER, 70% of Immigrants Had Jobs Before Moving to Spain……!

How nice is that? Talk about the grass being greener on the other side! So the brain storm idea was to offer opportunities for employment to the less fortunate, which will help the host state to pay for its retiring work force…right?

But that scenario is not panning out as planned, with for an example, 20% of Finland’s immigrant population being unemployed, and that is only Finland’s statistics, what about the rest of Europe?

ANSAmed – MADRID, MAY 22 – Almost 70% of the immigrants who arrived in Spain in 2007 looking for a job, already had a job in their countries of origin, according to the data of the national survey of immigrants, released today by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The report affirms that 64.9% of the immigrants who set foot on the Iberian Peninsula had left in their countries a job, a paid one (in 53.7% of the cases), or autonomous or entrepreneurial one (11.2%). The motives that made them leave their own countries are, as follows: the quest for a better quality of life, the search for a better job, and motives of family nature.”

So the notion that poverty elsewhere (N.Africa) will always be one of the prime motivating factors for emigration to Europe, is proving to be false. These people already have jobs and choose to move elsewhere rather than to stay put, and help to build their own state into something that will rival that which the west takes for granted.

So let us stop the pretense of immigration helping to better the lives of the third world multitudes, those that can make it abroad are the ones that should be staying put to help the lives of those they are leaving behind. Nation building begins at home, depleting the countries of its workers to satisfy the needs in Europe is not only selfish, it’s also a self defeating process for the developing world. *L* KGS

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