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Security Fence And Check Points Drive Suicide Bombings in Israel Way Down…….

It’s greatly unfortunate, but in dealing with the Palestinians, you can’t have it both ways. You either put the lives and well being of your own people first, or that of the Palestinians, who happen to be hell bent on murdering as many Israelis as possible.

It’s that simple. Anyone who says the mathematics in this equation is just to complicated to figure out, is either incredibly naive, or just plain lying.

The International Herald Tribune has an excellent article published on May 2nd, that tells of the dilemma facing Israel, which is:

(a) please the international community and pull out of the WB and dismantle the fence that exists inside the Green Line, which will (b) most certainly result in a return of a mass suicide/homicide (genocide) campaign against Israeli civilians, or (c) continue to piss off the international community by safeguarding the lives of your own citizens with the existing security measures.

Of course (c) is the best option of the two, because it will keep the terrorists off guard and at bey, by making them go through complicated, shifting security measures that discourages them. One has to remember that the before the advent of Palestinian terrorism (pre-Arafat days) there was no fence separating the the areas. As long as the Palestinians could care less for a state of their own, and intend using terror as a means to break Israel’s will,…the security measures will remain in place.

NETANYA, Israel: Suicide bombings in Israel have dropped off so significantly that the nation’s security officials now dare to speak openly of success. But the very steps they are taking to thwart bombers appear to collide head on with the government’s agenda of achieving peace with the Palestinians.

It is a classic military-political dilemma. The progress in stopping suicide bombers, the vast majority of whom cross into Israel from the West Bank, has brought enough quiet for Israel to resume peace talks with the Palestinian leadership there.

But the current calm is fragile, and to maintain it Israeli security officials say they must continue their nightly arrests and sometimes deadly raids in the heart of the West Bank – tactics at odds with a peace process that envisions a separate Palestinian state, an eventual Israeli withdrawal from much of the West Bank and, in the meantime, a gradual handover of authority to the Palestinian police.

“The price of staying out” of the West Bank, said a senior Israeli military official, “might be one that we don’t want to pay.” The military’s faith in its efforts comes across in charts showing a steep decline in suicide bombings – from a high of 59 in 2002 to only one in 2007, and one so far this year.

“It is far from a coincidence,” said Colonel Herzi Halevi, commander of the Israeli Army’s Paratroops Brigade, which is at the forefront of the military campaign in the West Bank, where the borders are longer and more permeable than those in Gaza, the other Palestinian territory.

“It is not that the terrorists did not try enough. They did. We know.

But we have naive former politicians (like Carter) coming into the area who want us to believe in the goodness of these religious fanatics, crying out: “all is well, peace is just around the corner”.

FPM: “In what will assuredly be seen as one of the greater gaffes of his career, former president Jimmy Carter dramatically reassured a packed crowd of diplomats and reporters this week that Hamas would now recognize the Jewish State.”

Really? What kind of thinking process does a man like Carter employ, that would cause him to make such a stupid, counter productive statement like that…in public no less? No, Israel cannot afford to base its security on the buffoonish promises of people like Carter, institutions like the UN and NGO’s like Beit Selem and Peace Now.

The only rational and logical solution to the current dilemma is to wait on the Palestinians themselves, which means waiting for them to give up on “greater Palestine” (read = destruction of Israel) and the use of terrorism as a means to wear down the will of the Jewish state in order to achieve it. Until then, the only thing Israel can do, is to maintain the balance of the status quo, and limited supply lines to the Palestinian areas until they give up on their disastrous stratagem.


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