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Muslim Terrorists in Gaza Target Christian School in Bomb Blast…….

Will the Finnish media report on this latest example of Palestinian Islamist extremism against its minority Christian population? Hardly.

Unknown assailants detonated a bomb outside a Christian school in Gaza City before dawn Friday, causing no injuries. The powerful explosion was heard in surrounding neighborhoods at around 4 a.m. Damage was visible at the entrance to the Zahwa Rosary School, which is run by Catholic nuns but caters mainly to Muslim students.

Police officials from Hamas said they were looking into the incident. A school official declined to comment. The bombing was the latest in a string of attacks on Christian institutions in the overwhelmingly Muslim territory. In the most serious attack, a local Christian activist was murdered in October. His killers have not been found.

The Palestinians’ treatment of its minorities is one of the most under reported stories, though for example, the Finnish media devotes a huge amount of its foreign news reporting on the Palestinians. That the media under reports their plight is news iteself. It’s as if the Palestinian Christians do not exist, except when the Christian holidays roll around, then the media needs an angle to spin against Israeli security measures, then the Christians are interviewed.

What’s not taken into account when the media does indeed interview members of this intimidated minority, is the fact that they are living in a hostile environment, and that their every word is scrutinized by the Muslim majority, and carries serious repercussions if deemed to be in opposition with the status quo. To be frank, the media does not concern itself with the true situation of the Christian Arabs, becuase it will put the majority in a very bad light, and they can’t allow that, now can they? More here. *L* KGS

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