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I recently noticed that my Wales Springer Spaniel was acting in a peculiar way, now I know the reason why, the spectre of J.Carter was haunting her former stomping grounds. The US’s worst former president who refuses to go away, was in Wales delivering a speech is which he uttered the following bone headed statements:

YNET: 1.) “We need to talk to Iran now, and continue our discussions with Iran, to let Iran know the benefits, and the detrimental side, of continuing with their nuclear program,”

2.) “Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip as “one of the greatest human rights crimes now existing on Earth” and

3.) called the failure of the European Union to support the Palestinian cause was “embarrassing.”

4.) Referring to the blockade of Gaza, Carter had this to say: “There is no reason to treat these people this way,”

5.) Carter said European countries should be “encouraging the formation of a unity government,”

6.) “They should be encouraging Hamas to have a ceasefire in Gaza alone, as a first step,”

7.) “They should be encouraging Israel and Hamas to reach an agreement in prisoner exchange and,

8.) as a second step, Israel should agree to a ceasefire in the West Bank, which is Palestinian territory.”

The man is nothing more than a shell of his former shell, and empty suit, a caricature of a statesman that has never had a lustre to lose, or hidden shine to polish. If this kind of defeated thinking was the order of the day, (think Obama), the world would be even more dangerous than it is today.

There is a precipice, a void, an immense canyon between Carter’s view of the world, and what actually is,…reality. Carter’s roaming empty suit offers nothing more than a cheap photo opportunity for dictators who want to show their defiance of the US to the world. The only practical solution that the Tundra Tabloids can come up with to satisfy Carter’s longing to roam, is for him to quietly indulge himself in roaming the fields of Plains Georgia.

Just think of all the crows he could intimidate, which is far more than what he was able to do with the dictators of the world. *L* KGS

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  1. I have no respect for this man and hope his utterances are driven by dementia.

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