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Israeli Flag Raised in Historic Gesture in Rome……!

A proud moment for Italy. No, I’m not talking about the Italian national football team winning the world championship, or Ferrari winning another Grand Prix race, but about the recent actions of the new conservative mayor (that trounced the reds) Gianni Alemanno.
He has made a political statement of solidarity that all freedom loving, rational and tolerant individuals could be in agreement with, by raising the Israeli flag on Capitoline Hill, seat of the city’s municipality, to mark the 60th anniversary of Israel’s independence.

It was the first time that the Israeli flag has been flown above the city’s town hall and a significant gesture by the recently-elected mayor. Alemanno, a member of the post-fascist National Alliance party was accompanied by Israel’s ambassador to Italy Gideon Meir, chief rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, and president of the Jewish community in Rome, Riccardo Pacifici.”

This is the first time that the Israeli flag waved on the Capitoline Hill, a historical fact, and closure for a tragedy, an epic for the people of Israel,” said Alemanno. Afterwards, the mayor headed to Rome’s main synagogue to participate in religious celebrations with Rome’s provincial president, Nicola Zingaretti, and the president of the surrounding Lazio region, Piero Marrazzo.

There is a new wind blowing, amen to that. More here. *L* KGS

Bob Dylan:
“Then you better start swimmin’,
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.

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