The Incredible Working Wonders of The Hijab…….

Brought to you by Hamas!

In a direct appeal to the outside world, a Palestinian child, Walla Khadher Al-As’ad, delivers a scripted talk in English (courtesy of MEMRI) on the virtues of the hijab, the Islamic scarf, for Muslim women all over the world.

Any of you out there who believe it’s proper (it’s not) for a non-Muslim woman to wear the Islamic scarf out of respect while visiting a mosque or a Muslim country, please look closely in how this girl defines the Islamic understanding and purpose behind the hijab.

Wallah Khadher Al-As’ad: Welcome, everybody, to our program that talks about the Islamic uniform, which is the hijab. The hijab has very sacred and good traits, which are the following:

Onekeeping honor and dignity.

Two – it frees the hearts and psyches from false romantic feelings.

Threestopping the greed and the bad thoughts of people and satans.

Four – it’s a sign of a good woman.

Five – keeping its [unintelligible].

Sixthe hijab makes a good relationship with Allah, and makes the human enter Paradise.

My Muslim sisters, I would like to say that a lot of films would seem to be destroying the hijab. So, my sister, you should be careful with these destroying voices, because they fight Islam, and they are against its progress. So my sister, you must keep your hijab to enter Paradise.

My sisters in Europe, in America, in the whole world, I would like to advise you that your hijab protects you from this false freedom, and in fact, [Westerners] don’t understand anything except destroying their humanity, and satisfying their animal instincts. At last, let me say that the hijab is the best protection for any girl in the world. So there are a lot of [women] all over the world committed to Islam because of the hijab.

The wearing of the hijab by a non-Muslim woman would be akin to a non-Jewish male donning a Hebrew prayer shawl when entering a Jewish Synagogue. It crosses the line of every day civility, politeness and respectfulness, into an area of deep religious significance that should never be imposed on those who belong outside that faith. Period. (Jews for the record do not demand any such conformance)

The question of why the Islamic faithful have no problem with non-Muslim women conforming to their religious traditions, is indeed troubling. There can be no other reason than they wish to impose Islam on the non-Muslim world in every way they can, and the problem is compounded by the ignorance of the non-Muslim on what is correct and what is not.

Taking off one’s shoes when entering a Mosque by a non-Muslim, is a sign of respect for the other which shouldn’t be confused with the wearing of a head scarf. It’s high time we become more knowledgeable about what we should be aware of, and reject the imposing of one’s religion on another, through ignorance or otherwise. It’s time that we wisen ourselves up. *L* KGS

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