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IF Muslim Men Like The Veil, They Should Wear it……!

Signs of Irish spine showing. Martina Devlin pens an eloquent response to the MC/PC crowd who are intent on importing every kind of anti-liberal notion into Europe. For the record, the Tundra Tabloids is 100% against the wearing of the headscarf or full body coverings for any person working in governmental positions or in other public sectors of the work place.

The Tundra Tabloids is also 100% against the wearing of the head scarf for any non-Muslim woman entering a Mosque or visiting a Muslim state, which includes our public female officials while making official state visits. Here is what Devlin has to say, and let the PC crapola be damned.

Devlin: If Muslim men are so keen on seeing their headscarf introduced into Irish society, they should wear it as well as their women. Let them cover up, too. Otherwise there must be no place for the hijab in civic life here. Not in banks, hospitals or libraries, not in the guards or civil service and most definitely not in schools.

You hear a constant stream of hooey about why we can’t ban the headscarf. But this is not about Islamophobia. It’s not about prejudice on race or religion grounds. It’s not about equating the Muslim scarf with terrorism. It’s not about denial of civil rights. Here’s what banning the headscarf is about: the State demonstrating our belief in gender equality. It’s about removing a symbol of repression and submission. Showing we don’t condone marks of separation — either between men and women, Muslim and Christian, or native born and immigrant.

And it’s about refusing point blank to make allowances for anything which could lead to a creeping erosion of women’s rights. Today the hijab which covers the hair and shoulders, tomorrow the niqab or full-face veil, the day after the burqa hiding everything from tip to toe — described as a mobile prison by women obliged to wear it. The rest of Europe is wrestling with the same issue, often in courts and employment tribunals, but France broke new ground four years ago by outlawing the headscarf and other prominent religious symbols in state schools. I say let’s take the bull by the horns and follow the French lead.

Here here! The French have shown the way concerning this issue, now it’s high time for the rest of Europe to follow suit. *L* KGS

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