Finland Saudi Arabia

The House of Saud Arrives at The Gates of Helsinki…….

Surprise! Finland is now of interest to the Saudis. There is enough interest for them to entertain the notion of building an embassy in the nations capital. It very well could be that the founding of the Finnish Islamic Islamist Party has caused the Saudis to view Finland as the next best place to wage their Islmization of Europe project.
But the Finnish news org, YLE, is already pouring cold water on the idea behing their interest, but surprise, at least manages to mention that the Saudis do support Islamic organizations here. At least that’s out in the open, but the question remains, just what Finnish Islamic organizations are directly receiving Saudi funds, how much money is in question, and what kind of teachings are being imported along with Saudi funding?

“Saudi Arabia has recently been in the news in Finland for its support for Islamic organisations here. However Finnish diplomats note that this is normal around the world, and has nothing to do with the founding of the embassy.”

This bit of news should be of great interest to many of the Finns that are following the Islamization of Europe project, this is not welcome news at all. The Finnish Islamic Council as well as the Finnish Islamic Party needs to be watched even more closely than ever. What kind of teachings and fatwas are being issued in the Finnish democracy is more relevant than ever. We just can’t afford to allow the Saudis to screw around with Finland. More here. *L* KGS

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