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Hamas Diverts Electricity From Waste Treatment Plant, Blames Israel…….

Will the media bite? I know that this is too juicy of a story for the Finnish MSM to pass up, so stay tuned.

For a change, I’ll just publish the Israeli version of the story, why it’s always buried at the bottom of the article, even in an Israeli paper… is beyond me.

But a security source familiar with the situation told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that the vast majority of Gaza’s electrical needs were being met by Israel and Egypt.

“Gaza is receiving 141 megawatts a day out of [its normal requirements of] 200 megawatts at this time from Israel and Egypt,” the source said. He also said Hamas should be dealing with the issue. “Hamas is in charge there now and they should find a solution to the problem,” he told the Post. Israel Water Authority spokesman Uri Schor said the problem was not new and that Israel was doing all it could to help Gaza process its sewage.

“The Palestinians have been pumping partially treated or untreated sewage water into the sea for years, and not just since the beginning of this year. The State of Israel assists in various ways to the pumping and water distribution and to the continued operation of the sewage treatment plants. That assistance includes approval to transfer most of equipment the Palestinian Authority has requested – the rest is in the process of being verified – and all the diesel fuel necessary to run the plants,” Schor said. .

More here. *L* KGS

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