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Gulf Kingdom Objects to Provocative Lebanese Singer…….

The question is, how long before the Islamists put out a fatwa against the hip shaker?

BBC: A raunchy Lebanese singer is causing controversy in Bahrain, where she is due to perform for the first time. All but one of the members of the Gulf kingdom’s Islamist-dominated parliament have approved a motion urging the government to ban Haifa Wehbe’s show. They objected on the grounds that the pop superstar’s performance would be sexually provocative, violating Islamic conventions and Bahrain’s traditions.

Kudos to the lone dissenting voice in the Bahrain parliament, it would have been great to have heard him speak about why Haifa Wehbe should be allowed to go on …as is.

Here is a video of Haifa Wehbe, it’s no wonder that the Islamists’ beards are curling over the woman’s sex appeal. It wouldn’t surprise that she has a fair amount of security protecting her from adoring fans and from those who hate her. More here. *L* KGS

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