A Charge of Bigotry……Not.

As proprietor of a blog that deals with very unpolitical correct topics, I have become used to people spouting off in a “knee-jerk sort of way” from time to time, of how bigoted, racist and intolerant the Tundra Tabloids is towards Muslims. It’s of course a baseless charge, and something that all honest bloggers -who deal with the same kind of issues- must face every so often.
I am patient to a degree, very willing to walk the person through the logic of it all, but I can’t hold the hand forever.

It doesn’t help that the issues themselves are muddled, on that score, the international media has a lot to answer for. They have become a part of the overall problem, something that the Islamist can turn to when they want to shout racism or Islamophobia, claiming the right not to be offended, while deeming it a religious duty to claim Christians and Jews as the sons of donkeys, apes and pigs.

And yet, those who point out these inconsistencies in the public record, become easy targets for the branding of “agitator, provoker, racist and bigot”..and the worse evil of it all…”fascist”. We in the blogosphere who shine the light on the problems of an unreformed Islam, are used to getting a plate full of vitriol and vectum before the first cup of morning coffee has been poured, but it comes with the territory. It’s a job we have given ourselves willingly, to try and paint the wider picture for those who fail to see the trees for the forest. If only they would take that opportunity and open their eyes.

In the comment section of another blog, I bumped into someone who mentioned in an “off the cuff” sort of way, that the the TT was a bigoted website. Being charged as a racist, bigot or…”fascist” is something that I take very seriously, so I gave the commenter time enough to either prove what he said was true (it could never be) or kindly provide a retraction. Here’s a classic example of “spouting off” without the will or means to back up a (baseless) claim.

Jussi H: Here’s some of the most recent stuff on your blog. That’s just at a glance. Here goes:”The Tundra Tabloids of course wishes both Abdullah Tammi and his Islamist party all the worst possible luck in meeting their goals, may they forever face an uphill struggle in their Islamist endeavors.””Kissing the Qur’an as well as holding a special apology ceremony was downright foolish.”Are you telling me you don’t hate the people you criticize?

Do you concider your reports neutral and unbiased? As I said it’s all very nicely wrapped and politically correct but the message is clear to me. Why don’t you prove _me_ wrong instead of wasting your energy into trying to prove me to be an idiot. Actually you don’t need to prove me wrong as I’m just voicing my thoughts on your blog. Those are my personal opinions and there’s nothing you can do about them.

Either you are totally oblivious to what Islamism stands for, or you are sympathetic to the Islamist cause. Which is it? If it’s the former, such as statement of yours could of course be excused, but let me warn you, in this case, ignorance is definately not bliss. If it’s the latter, it means then that you are sympathetic with those who loathe/hate the unbelieving non-Muslim, especially those who wish to remain an unbelieving non-Muslim. You are also then in opposition to liberal pluralistic democratic governance, being instead “all for” an Islamist state.

So which is it?If you deem the TT as being “hateful towards Islamists” because it it wishes them no success whatsoever, perhaps you are then ignorant of the terms Islamist, Islamism and Islamization. This is no more a friendly ideology then the extreme form of Japanese Shintoism or National/Communist Socialism.I believe you are confused over the terms.

As for Kissing the Qur’an. When one understands the Islamist supremacist ideology embedded in the Islamic religion, in which a universal humanity that embraces the ethic of the “Golden Rule”, has no conceptual place whatsoever, then you’ll begin to understand the significance of a non-Muslim kissing a Qur’an and apologizing to the point of groveling. It only serves to strengthen the ideological supremacy I just referred to.

No Jussi, I don’t hate individual Muslims, but I’m very much in opposition to those Muslims that are trying to impose their Islamism on the rest of us.

That’s the honest truth of it all, it has never been about the individual Muslim, but about Islam itself, and the utter nonsense in practicing tolerance towards an ideology that is anything but tolerant towards the non-Muslim. One only has to look at the historical record to see that Islam, ever since it left Mecca for Medina, has been incredibily intolerant towards non-Muslims, and continues doing so in the present age.
If repeating the historical narrative, as well as warning others about the dangers of repeating that history, makes the TT a hate site in the minds of others, well so be it. But it won’t keep the TT from posting about, that I can promise you. *L* KGS

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  1. The person who called you a bigot is himself a modern liberal. The thought pattern is pretty obvious.

    According to his logic, you need to prove your credentials so that you’re not a ‘hater’.

    You qualify as a ‘hater’ if you don’t subscribe to the idea of complete non-discrimination and nonjudgementalism.

    You regard parts of islamic religious teachings as problematic. That in itself makes you a ‘hater’, which is a more polite way to say that you are a racist and a bigot.

    If you wanted to avoid being labeled with such terms, you should say that there is no problem in the religion of islam. It’s just those radicals that are the problem. In that case you would not be a ‘hater’, but you would only be telling something that is factually incorrect.

  2. And don’t forget another favoured insult: “Nazi.” I’ve been called bad names because of my political views, but Nazi definitely the most frequently.

    Aren’t liberals such tolerant people?

  3. Natalie:

    You know you have won an arguement with an extreme leftist when they call you a “racist’.

  4. Islamism huh? So you’re also the wishy-washy Daniel Pipes-type.

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