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Abusive Husband Explosion in Spain, Almost 1/3 of Women Are Immigrants…….

In 2007, Spain was recorded to have had 4.5 million immigrants, which made up 10% of the population, which is a major shift in demographics from what it was in 1997. Spain at the time had one of the lowest percentage of foreigners in the EU, 1.5%, or 638,000 people. The blog American Thinker wrote last year about the problems Spain’s run away immigration fiasco is causing the government of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and since then, the picture hasn’t gotten any brighter.
According to ANSAmed: A male and a Spaniard, although in 30% of the cases a foreigner. This is the identikit of the “abusive husband” as it comes out of the data in the central register for the protection of women victims of domestic violence set up by the Spanish Justice Ministry in 2004 and whose results show 320,000 alleged aggressors. This data determine the pulse of a phenomenon such as domestic violence, which despite the law – the first one drafted four years ago by the socialist government of Prime Minister Zapatero – continues to have its victims. Since the beginning of the year 23 women have been killed by their partners or ex-partners.

So in order to help keep the socialist welfare state dream alive, the prophets of the nanny state want to flood the European Union with more and more foreigners in spite of the wave of lawlessness they will bring in their wake.

Now before the charge of “racist, xenophobe and fascist” is slung in the direction of the Tundra Tabloids, the case in which 10% percent of the immigrant population in Spain is responsible for more than 30% of the cases of wife beating, has to be addressed. It won’t suffice to say that, “so what, 70% of those cases are from the indigenous population”, since the minority has over represented itself in the statistics. It only logical to assume, that if the trend remains, the more immigrants Spain allows to its shores, the more instances of wife beating will occur in Spain.

Almost 80 000 cases were “crossed off the list” due to the charges being dropped, when one considers the fact that many of these immigrants are coming from N-African Muslim countries, it is only prudent to assume that the spike in wife beating in Spain is coming from these immigrants. It’s also safe to draw the conclusion that only a small portion of the incidents of wife beating is being reported to the Spanish authorities. It is more than likely just a tip of the iceberg that the police are actually prosecuting.

Nothing wrong with a carefully thought out immigration policy, that includes the wise choice of discriminating against certain states that have cultural deficiencies already from the git go. If Finland looks to Spain as a beacon for immigration policies, it better turn away from that warm, fuzzy light of multiculturism before it runs itself aground. *L* KGS

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