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The Absurd: Israeli Hospital Treats The Terrorists That Bomb it…….

From the Far Side…

Barzilai is one of three hospitals in Israel to which most of the cases come, but its proximity to Gaza – just 12km (seven miles) – means it gets those which are most severe. […]

Ironically, Barzilai’s closeness to Gaza also means the hospital is within range of militants’ rockets. “It’s absurd,” says Dr Lobel. “We’re treating Gazans while coming under fire from their own back yards.”

Just as in the Palestinian bombardment of rockets and shooting attacks at the fuel station in Nahal OZ, that feeds them with ….fuel, the Palestinians also take aim at the very facility that takes care of their sick and injured people. To top it off, some of those being treated are the very same ones trying to kill the medical staff at the hospital. Insane right? Right. More here. *L* KGS

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