Buffoonery Israel Peace Plans Syria

The Illusion of Israeli-Syrian Rapprochement…….

Over the past few days

since the official announcement that Israel has been meeting with the Syrians secretly behind closed doors at the behest of the Turks

the Tundra Tabloids has been in discussion with many confidants who are either political pundits, columnists, writers, lobbyists, activists and fellow chasers of the news (bloggers), concerning the overall objective and outcome of the talks between the two sides.

Well, what hope is there that anything productive could be achieved, while Syria is being run by a minority (Allawite) clan that desperately needs instability on its borders to ensure its own survival?

The majority of those with whom the TT has spoken with have all firmly underlined the point mentioned in the above, and what we are actually witnessing, a supposed “peace initiative” that will usher in a new arrangement between Israel and Syria, is nothing more than “blue smoke and mirrors”.

Come on, how could it not be anything but just that? In the way of bargaining proposals, there is absolutely no sign that the Assad regime would be willing to give up its cozy relations with both Iran and Hezbollah. That is all by itself, is the major deal breaker in any peace initiative between the two sides. Remember, one makes peace not with one’s enemy, but only with one’s former enemy, and as long as Syria continues to fight a proxy war against Israel, all bets are off.

Syria rejects Livni’s call to cut ties with Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas

Syrian government newspaper responds to Livni’s demands that Syria disassociate itself from Iran, terror organizations; says any preconditions to peace deal would ‘put carriage before horse’. Iranian FM: Golan belongs to Syria

A Syrian government paper rejected Israel’s demand that Damascus should cut its ties with Iran and Arab terror groups as a condition for a peace agreement. The state-run Tishrin wrote in Saturday’s editorial that any preconditions to a deal would “put the carriage before the horse” and Syria’s relations with other nations were not on the bargaining table. More here.

It couldn’t be any more plain, there is no serious attempt by the Syrians to negotiate in good faith with Israel, for in doing so, they would be cutting off their own leg in much the same way if Hamas were to ever officially recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and that it has a legal, moral right to exist in stability and peace with its fellow neighbors.

A clue for the fence sitters,…totalitarians -whether they be secular minded or fervent, religious fanatics- will always pose an existential threat. The former needs the occasional flare-up as well as the latter, to help keep their continued existence relevant in the eyes of their constituency. That is the reason why the Syrians, Hezbollah & Hamas will always “feign peace (or hudna)”, but really mean war. Until there is a serious regime change in Syria, there will be no true peace settlement. *L* KGS

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