‘To Be Or Not To Be’, Does The Chubby Lady Now Sing……?

President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso: “Islam is part of Europe”.

I have to agree with Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch, who first quotes Barroso from the article then states:

“We can be a European citizen being a Christian, being Jewish or Muslim or having no religion.” Yes, and because of you and people like you, Barroso, eventually only Muslims will be European citizens, with Jews and Christians reduced to dhimmi status.

That is the stark reality facing the West, whether we want to realize it (admitting it) or not. Is it nobler to erase you own culture, democratic principles and advances for civil/human rights for the sake of propping up the failed nanny state, or pure foolishness, and on such a grand scale, and which has no historical comparison?

BRUSSELS , May 5: The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, underlined here Monday that Islam is part and parcel of Europe and he also condemned the concept of clash of civilisations.

“Islam today is part of Europe. It is important to understand this.One should not see Islam as outside Europe. We already have an important presence of Islam and Muslims among our citizens,” Barroso told a press conference this afternoon after an informal dialogue between EU leaders and around twenty high-level representatives of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in Europe.

“We can be a European citizen being a Christian, being Jewish or Muslim or having no religion,” he noted.

On his part, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dr.Mustafa Ceric, said Islam is indeed part of Europe but unfortunately Turkey is not yet part of Europe.

“Following this logic Europe has to prove that Islam is part of Europe by not delaying the acceptance of Turkey to the EU,” Ceric told the joint press conference….

And if and when that happens, you will see a rapid expansion of the Islamization project of Turkey like never seen before. Sadly, the EU-“dhimmi”-crats will be watching this slow train wreck with “with wringing hands and bed wetting”, but will do nothing to stop it. They need the added numbers to keep the failed socialist enterprise afloat.

Remember, Islam became a more noticable, familar religion in Europe, but only after gaining large swaths of its under belly through jihadist crusades. The only people worth listening to about what’s in store for the rest of us, are the non-Muslim peoples that still inhabit that corner of Europe. They know what’s in store for the rest of us, they’ve been fighting it for over 1200 years. Hopefully the Fat Lady will be kept from singing”, in other words, the party isn’t over…yet. More here. *L* KGS

H/T B.Bodissey & Dhimmi watch

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