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Vilifying Muslims or Art Imitating Life……?

Come on now, Hollywood being blamed for defaming Muslims? How many more times will the whiners and appeasers for Islam pull that old canard of their turbans?

Alarabiya: American films and TV dramas portray Arabs and Muslims as fanatics and villains, ingraining harmful stereotypes and easing the path for U.S. foreign policy, a U.S. academic argues.

Jack Shaheen says Hollywood has castigated Arab and Muslims for decades but since the 9/ 11 attacks movies have become more damaging and vilifying Arabs and Muslims made the invasion of Iraq easier.

“In the United States, you can say anything you want about Islam and Arabs and get away with it. In other words, as someone said, ‘You can hit an Arab free’,” said Shaheen author of “Guilty — Hollywood’s Verdict on Arabs after 9/11”. “The images have remained primarily fixed and have only been changed in the sense that they have become more vindictive and damaging,” Shaheen said in an interview in Beirut.

Oh good grief, cry me a river of tears why don’t you. Debbie Schlussel has thoroughly debunked that worn out tirade of “Muslim victim hood at the hands of Hollywood”, here, here, here and here as well. It was easy to do, because singling out Muslims for vilification in Hollywood doesn’t exist. But when viewing how Hollywood depicted Germans and Japanese during WWII, well perhaps Hollywood should indeed take the gloves off, at least on some level.

Today, the overwhelming percentage of Muslim on Muslim and Muslim on non-Muslim terrorist violence, is committed by …. Muslims, who enjoy citing both their Qur’an and Hadiths as proof that their violent acts are justified. Why would depicting Muslims doing just that….be somehow incorrect, when hundreds if not thousands of movies have shown enemies of the free world in a not too friendly or sympathetic light?

So spare me the crying and pouting and the jumping up and down, Hollywood is not fixated on depicting Muslims in a bad light, its quite the opposite. They are much too happy with their dhimmi status to be interested in taking on Islam. Really! *L* KGS

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