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Mohamed ElBaradei Slaps Israel For Doing The IAEA’s Job…….

Well the IAEA Nobel peace prize winner is in a tizzy over Israel’s neutralizing of a Syrian nuclear power plant. Instead of slapping Israel, Mohamed ElBaradei should be, at least privately, on bended knee thanking the Jewish state for heading off another problem for the international community.

Also, the IAEA head should be grateful for the information gathered by Israel, concerning North Korea’s role in helping to build the nuclear facility. But Nooooooo. The Nobel peace prize winner has nothing but spite, anger and ingratitude reserved for Israel’s successful mission on the Syrian-Iraqi border. To bad for him.

J’lem Post: The head of the UN nuclear monitoring agency on Friday criticized the US for not giving his organization intelligence information sooner on what Washington says was a nuclear reactor in Syria being built secretly by North Korea.

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei also chastised Israel for bombing the site seven months ago, in a statement whose strong language reflected his anger at being kept out of the picture for so long.

The White House broke its silence about the issue on Thursday, just hours after top US legislators – members of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee – were briefed on the alleged reactor. US intelligence officials said evidence included dozens of photographs taken from ground level as well as footage of the interior of the building taken by spy satellites after the Israeli strike.

The IAEA has been been led long enough by this clown. The Tundra Tabloids suggests that Mohamed ElBaradei be removed and replaced with former US Ambassador to the UN, Mr.John Bolton. Though Elbaradei is a Nobel peace prize winner, the award he received has only served to enhance his resume, but certainly not his performance. *L* KGS

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