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Jamal Khadar: Israel Scorns Hamas’s Attempt at Nicey Nicey…….

Let’s just face the facts, the man is a complete embarrassment to the majority of Americans.

The man is obviously pandering to the darker side of the humanity with the latest show of his (Kahadar’s) total lack of respect for the institution of democracy…in its entirety.

Here’s a clue for ya Jamal, democracy isn’t just slipping a ballot into a box, it also includes sound democratic institutions and the respect for individual freedoms, protection of minorities and respect for the rule of law, and domestic and international agreements.

In Jamal’s deluded, and increasingly limited perspective of democracy, it just means the final tally of the vote. Hamas should never have been allowed to participate in the elections in the first place, but was allowed to do so because of international pressure from similiar “like minded” morons like Jamal Khadar.

YNET: WASHINGTON – Blaming Israel, again: Former US President Jimmy Carter says that following his meetings with Hamas leaders the group offered a truce in Gaza but Israel rejected the offer. During an interview with NBC, Carter also blamed Israel for denying the citizens of Gaza basic supplies such as water and food.

“I think it was productive, because all the things that we asked Hamas to do, they basically agreed to do,” Carter said, referring to his recent trip. “One was to have a total ceasefire just in Gaza alone, where before they had said it must be Gaza and the West Bank as well. So they preferred to have a ceasefire, and announced it publicly after we left. Israel unfortunately rejected the ceasefire from Hamas.

The only reason why Hamas wants a truce, read = “Hudna”, is to shore up its position for a later round of fighting against Israel. Only a loon like Khadar (Carter) could read something positive into a highly disingenuous call for a temporary truce. More here. *L* KGS

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