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Finnish YLE News Org Puts Words into Israeli Spokesman’s Mouth…….

You run across the situation every now and then, and when you do, it causes you to take a second look. Did I really see what I just saw? In checking how the Finnish media was reporting on the situation in Gaza concerning the death of a mother and her four children, the Tundra Tabloids came across a story in which the journalist actually chose to substitute the word “gunmen” for the more politically charged word of “rebel”. Really!

I wish that a “snapshot” of the original posting would have been taken, but you will just have to depend upon the veracity of the Tundra Tabloids for the accuracy of the story. After calling the news station and taking issue with its version of the story, the YLE “gatekeeper” (to his or her credit) changed the text to read “taistelijaa” or in English, “fighter”.

Yes I know, the more accurate depiction would have been terrorist, but the Israeli spokesman had issued a statement that referred to the terrorists as gunmen, so that is what should have been reported, gunmen, not “rebels”. If I hadn’t checked and taken the time to call the station, who knows how many Finnish news outlets would have picked up the story and reported word for word in the very same way?

Lesson learned, you have to be diligent and dare to pick up the phone and call any news station when you spot something fishy, and make sure that you have a good case as well as an example to show them. *L* KGS

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