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Palestinians Cause the Death of Mother And Four Children in Gaza…….

The Tundra Tabloids has learned from it’s Israeli MFA source about the following incident that is being played up in the media as having resulted from an Israeli tank shell.

Gaza – Ma’an Seven Palestinians were killed, including a mother and her four young children, and at least seven others were injured when Israeli tanks shelled a house in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday morning, witnesses and medics said. Palestinian medics identified the mother, Khadra Abu Mu’attaq, and her children Ahmad Abu Mu’attaq, three-year-old Hana Abu Mu’attaq, four-year-old Salih Abu Mu’attaq, and six-year-old Rudayna Abu Mu’attaq, medics reported. The family was inside the house, eating breakfast at the time of the shelling.

But the Israelis have information that tells a different story. Palestinian terrorists, working in and around civilian areas, were carrying bags stuffed with explosives which detonated as IDF soldiers fired upon them.

IDF source: Palestinian children were not killed by soldiers

The Palestinian mother and her four children who were killed Monday during IDF ops in Beit Hanun were not hit by a tank shell but rather were killed when ammunition carried by gunmen exploded, Army Radio quoted an IDF source as saying.

According to the unofficial source, the forces operating in the Gaza Strip town identified two gunmen who were carrying large bags. When the soldiers opened fire on them the bags exploded, causing the deaths of the family members.

The Israeli Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, condemned the terrorists themselves for creating the situations that put their own people at risk. So you don’t need to guess how the Finnish MSM will manage to spin this one. *L* KGS

UPDATE: It didn’t take long. Finnish YLE repeats the Palestinian versionof what happened word for word.

Gazassa jälleen levotonta / Restless in Gaza Again”

Palestiinalainen perheenäiti ja neljä hänen lastaan saivat surmansa Israelin ampuman kranaatin osuttua aamulla perheen asuntoon. / A Palestinian mother and her four children were killed when a shell fired by Israel hit the family’s home in the morning.”

As sad as this tragedy is, the media helps to make into even more of a tragedy by aiding the Arabs, who have learned to count on the media parroting their propaganda and thus giving them licence to do the saem thing over and over again.

UPDATE: Over at Israel Today, news over the media’s parroting Hamas’s version of the story is reverberating all over the web.

Media accepts unverified Arab claims on Gaza deaths

International and local media outlets on Monday prominently covered the deaths of at least seven Palestinians – including a mother and four of her children – whom Hamas sources claimed were killed when an Israeli artillery shell hit a house in the northern Gaza Strip. The media made no visible effort to verify the claim, and nearly all English-language press ignored an Israeli army statement carried by Israel Radio and Army Radio explaining that there had been no artillery fire in the immediate area.

Army officials said that according to reports from the field, the civilian deaths occurred when terrorists wearing backpacks filled when ammunition used the house as cover during a firefight with Israeli troops. The ammunition exploded after being hit by Israeli fire, killing seven people and wounding six others.

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  1. FYI, according to FrontPageMag.com, the vertict in the Karsenty trial (regarding the authenticity of the Mohamed Al-Dura video) will be read public on May 21. Stay tuned.

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