Paleostinians Terrorism

Palestinian Faces Firing Squad For Doing Abbas’ Job…….

Fighting terrorism is something that should be high on Mahmoud Abbas’ “to do” list, so instead of signing the convicted man order for execution, he should be giving him a medal for a …”job well done” right?

Palestinian judges ordered the execution of a man for collaborating with Israel in Hebron on Monday. Judges say the man provided information that helped Israeli forces kill four Palestinian militants. On Monday, they ordered he be executed by a firing squad. The order still has to be signed by the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.

Suspected collaborators are often killed vigilante-style. Last June, Palestinian militants killed a man they suspected of collaborating with Israel, as he lay on the X-ray table at a hospital in the West Bank city of Nablus. In November last year, authorities in Jerusalem arrested four residents of the Jabel Mukaber section of East Jerusalem for allegedly conspiring to kill a man they suspected of cooperating with the Israeli security services.

No wonder Abbas isn’t working hard to reign in terrorism, because he’ll end up like the poor guy in the picture. More here. *L* KGS

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