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The Gates of Vienna Falls Victim to LGF’s Smear Campaign…….

Beware of the “Lidless Eye” when it turns in your direction!

It’s sickening to see the smearing and besmirching of a website dedicated to the defending of freedoms for all, by Charles (a.k.a Sauronson) Johnson.

The current charges being made by the LGF crowd are not even worth mentioning, it suffices to say that they are entirely untrue as they are hurtful and mean spirited.

The current situation was started by an unfair accounting of an article at the GoV, by a guest-essayist who goes by the name of El Inglés, at LGF titled “GOV Toys with Genocide“. The following are the words of Dymphna who adequately defends the GoV over at ShrinkWrapped, of which the latter is guilty of offering analysis of someone he doesn’t even know. Highly unprofessional to say the least.

Dymphna: The author of the GoV piece prefaced and ended his essay with the proviso that these were speculations based on what evidence we have at the moment. His scenarios are not much different in kind or quality from your prediction that Israel has lost the will to live.

Certainly that was a broadly sweeping melancholy statement. I don’t agree with it, but I didn’t assign a psychiatric label to your speculations. Do you care to tell us what your obviously depressive essay indicated psychiatrically about you?

El Ingles stated and restated this proviso: … an issue of such gravity should be analyzed with as much rigour as possible, and this essay will constitute my attempt to conduct this analysis. I have much confidence in parts of it, but less in others, and would appreciate comments from those who feel they have greater or additional insight into key topics.

There is certainly a huge amount of variety among European countries in key respects, which I have largely ignored here. Ideally the key claims of the essay would be explored on a country-by-country basis, but such an analysis is quite beyond me.

I have admired your refusal to indulge in armchair psychoanalyzing. It is, at the very least, a boundary violation. Before this post, I would have been willing to swear that you were incapable of this. I have been disabused of that notion. If El Ingles essay is so obviously an example of regressive anxiety, how would you characterize Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”?

Your response to his essay is disappointing and unenlightening, to say the least. In my opinion what you have done is also unprofessional. It is presumptuous to assign a psychiatric label to another human being based on one essay. It wouldn’t be so bad if you hadn’t already indulged in a heavy case of awfulizing a situation previously yourself. I am saddened by what you have done.

Personally I see no need to address the issue of “what might happen if Islamization of Europe continues unabated”, the possibility of the spectre of genocide waiting in the wings, is not in my opinion a valid scenario. It’s unthinkable as well as being so far fetched, that I just cannot deem it to be something that I would consider worth the effort to discuss, especially since the counter-Islamization movement is just in its infancy.

What is true though, is LGF, read= Charles Johnson, seizing every opportunity to twist and bend many of the issues the Gates of Vienna brings up for discussion. He has been riding this for all its worth since last October. Was the GoV actually advocating genocide? Absolutely not, the discussion of such a possibility happening is not the same as condoning or approving of it.

The LGF crowd with Charles leading the way, have done a great injustice to Ingles and both the Baron and Dymphna by insisting that he was. he’s (CJ) being a clever liar, that has engaged in rumour mongering and a smearing campaign against the GOV, who has even leveled the charge of Fascism against the Gates of Vienna….and it stinks….all the way back to Mordor. *L* KGS

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  1. I agree. What El Ingles wrote has been misrepresented. The point he was making was that we have to confront the evil within ourselves (white Europeans) head on, with our eyes wide open. This evil is only just below the surface and must be contained.

    Closing our eyes and not thinking about it is a sure way of falling into the trap of a Moslem holocaust. There’s a quote from the Dune TV series: “The first step in avoiding a trap is know it’s there.”

    But I feel that our patience will be tested to the end. It’s as if the Mad Bastards in Mecca/Medina/Teheran WANT the Moslem holocaust to happen. Perhaps they envy the Jews for the moral obligation that Western Europe (esp Germany) has felt for them since WW2.

  2. No people would wish for the extermination of their own numbers, but the same cannot be said about the desire for others to share that fate.

    Sadly and most tragically, the world has seen it one too many times.

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