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The Same Anti-Semitic Lie Spreads To Another Finnish Newspaper……!

Just how far does this rabbit hole go? The story of Finnish anti-Semitism being disseminated through the Finnish mainstream media continues. The Finnish Blogger, Pikkupoika , sent the Tundra Tabloids this morning the following information:

“The same has been posted to the discussion forum of Keskisuomalainen by a pseudonym “Pappa”.

Pikkupoika, who runs the Finnish blog, Keisarin uudet vaatteet (The Emperor’s New Clothes), had discovered the very same text the Tundra Tabloids reported about yesterday. The op-ed which was published in the Finnish newspaper Koillis-Häme-lehti –concerning the anti-Semitic trope about the Rothschild banking dynasty– had appeared earlier in the comment section of Central Finnish newspaper, the Keskisuomalainen.

Apparently the “gatekeepers” at both papers have no problem with these kind of anti-Semitic tropes being published in their opinion sections. *L* KGS

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  1. Do not worry. They have mental disorder almost everybody. Just follow the HS (Pravda) discussion board. For instance this one idiot always starts: “Asiallisesti ottaen..”. In Finland they have DSL in prisons and mental hospitals too.

    – buuri johannesbuurista –

  2. You should complain to JSN. It would be interesting if they had the nerve to let that filth pass.

  3. I did send a query to // (Koillis-Häme-lehti) asking if the article was really printed and not being a scam.

    Still waiting for the answer…

    Will do the JSN later if kh answers yes. If I don’t receive an answer, will assume printed.

    I’m usually kinda smooth fellow and the pint is 7.4l. Once it overflows answers are required…

    – buuri johannesbuurista –

  4. Excellent! Keep up the pressure and thanks for the support! *L* KGS

  5. While waiting…

    Can somebody tell the date the shit was published in the paper?

    – buuri johannesbuurista –

  6. 26.1.2008, It’s in the first article I published about the story.

  7. Update: KH hasn’t responded yet.

    However, I managed to confirm that the article was truly printed on LH’s issue 20.01.2008.

    JSN has been informed and they promised to investigate the matter.

    I still believe there is some intelligent life in Finland, at least hope.

    – buuri johannesbuurista –

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